ColorCherry Unisex-Child Sea Green Blue Casual Shoes

₹454 ₹599 (24% off)
Code ID: 12074
Age: 5-10 Years
Color: Navy Blue
Brand: ColorCherry


represents the fashionable shoes range from the sneakers and canvas style of wears. The fashion crowd is moving toward the wild and dramatic styles rather than the simple and elegant ones. KLEPE shoes presents such a fusion of classy and funky range of shoes for the Kids and youth who wants to look confident, with comfort and style on his side, wants full control of his life.   shoes are uptrend, cool, classy, trendy, sassy, on the move and full of vibrance. Well, The current generation of youth believes in dressing the odds; then there’s no time like the present. With a funky pair of  sneakers with exaggerated soles, he can walk his way to the top of this trending style is for the youth who wants to brace himself for some new experiences of the world. The shoes come in a vibrant new variety of forms; sporty and solid soles. Depending on where you look, you can be sure to find solid top parts made of some nicely designed breathable material, with or without laces or seams

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